Lower Lovetts Farm

Why produce a web site

Published 11 March 2013

The reasons for this website.

This web site grew out of a practical solution to a problem. When I opened my garden in the summer of 2012 under the NGS garden scheme and also appeared in several newspaper articles and on Gardeners’ World, lots of people asked all sorts of questions, not only about the garden but about my lifestyle, the meals I cooked, where did I get some of my seeds and tools, etc., and it seemed to me that the easiest way to answer them was to write brief articles that anyone could access.

Apart from hoping I would save endless letters and phone calls (I was amazed and surprised at how many people contacted me), it also meant I could put down a record of my activities.  To have tried to write about some of the things I have done and conclusions I have come to for anybody interested to read, that’s all.

In no way is it a list of activities people can do, particularly on the cancer front, as a guide to better health. None of the work and research I have done is original but a cobbled-together collection of other people’s research and ideas. In the main, what I have adopted is because I thought it sensible and felt it may help keep my body healthy, although I have no way of actually telling whether it does or not. I would not like anybody to blindly copy me. I write to answer questions and to give ideas so people can go off, do their own research and make their own decisions. Both my ideas and the web site are constantly changing and as more people ask more questions, I guess I will probably answer them here.