Lower Lovetts Farm

Questions & Answers

  1. Whats Organic

    How to Go Organic

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  2. Herbal Tea

    Your calendula clover and violet tea

    Dear Richard

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  3. Mulching

    Dear Richard,

    I read with interest your article in the telegraph last September and have kept the cutting ever since. I just wanted to ask you about mulching. Do you mulch e...read more

  4. Tomatoes and cucumbers

    Hi Richard, we are keen vegetable gardeners and enjoyed watching your programme on Gardeners World. We made notes of the varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers you grow but unfortunately these have been ...read more
  5. Drying chillies

    Hi Mr Sandford,

    I saw your feature on Gardeners World with Monty Don and was interested in learning how to dry chillies and tomatoes. I noticed the contraption you seemed t...read more